Professional Services

Organisational Psychology

OEC draws on the specialist field of Organisational Psychology - a knowledge and skill base derived from applied scientific research and tested strategies to influence how people act, how people think, act and feel at work. Methods produce measurable, replicable and often more cost effective results through "knowing what counts".

OEC knowledge and skills associated with the practice of Organisational Psychology includes the following areas:

  • Workforce planning and role definition;
  • Learning and development;
  • Leadership and talent management;
  • Organisational development;
  • Change management;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Performance management;
  • Measuring employee opinions and other workplace research;
  • Human resources program evaluation.

OEC Coaching

A range of approaches to coaching are practiced in the OEC Coaching Repertoire.
Examples include, coaching that is:

  • Goal-directed and performance orientated;
  • Solution-focused;
  • Systematic and professional;
  • Evidence-based; and
  • Dedicated to developing leadership and teams.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching in organisations is frequently concerned with developing leadership skills and capabilities. However, Elliott (2003, 2005, 2010, 2011) has proposed that leadership coaching is a specialist form of coaching that requires knowledge of the leadership evidence-based literature and how to apply this effectively to particular situations.

Professional leadership coaching appropriately enacts expert applications of established and validated leadership theories through lensing in the reflective space of the coach-coachee working alliance (Elliott, 2007a,b; 2011).

This conceptual framework provides an interpretative framework for coach and coachee implicit theories about what constitutes effective leadership in any given organisational situation.

Elliott (in Grant, Cavanagh, Kemp, 2005) has also advanced seven propositions or parameters of specialist professional leadership coaching: The Parameters of Leadership Coaching.