OEC Success Stories

Multi-National Companies and Instrumentalities

Toyota Motor Company Australia (TMCA)

In an eighteen month partnership project with the General Manager and Division team of 70 engineers and technicians, OEC assisted the Product Engineering Division (PNE) to prepare itself for then pending ambitious changes to the production line. This OEC-client partnership project resulted in a move from quite ordinary levels of performance to being the second highest within TMCA (as scored by the internal performance measures of the company), The OEC-Toyota PNE project goals of –

  • moving from a reactive engagement orientation to working more flexibly in a complex environment to re-position PNE to a service and leadership role within TMCA,
  • promoting teamwork, flexible and innovative leadership

… were achieved as rated by external measures and internal company validations.

A successful OEC exit strategy was then accompanied by the successful transfer of knowledge and skills through integration with Toyota Way.

As part of the total mix of enhancement strategies, the individual coaching programs resulted in many improvements in leadership and management styles towards greater effectiveness. OEC facilitated multiple level face-to-face and 360 feedback to managers, including upwards feedback from sub-ordinates, and supporting the leadership of the PNE General Manager.


OEC was engaged to work with a newly assembled highly mobile operations management group to assist this group of specialist professional individuals to become a highly effective team. The project spanned eight months and powerfully contributed to the development of group cohesion, improved methods of communication, the development of improved leadership and influencing repertoires, to enhance the group’s impact in the business. A feature of this project was the creation of the Group’s team compact which was shared with the Division in a town hall meeting. This resulted in a shift towards a truly transformational leadership culture for this part of the Motorola organisation, consistent with company policies and objectives at the time.