OEC Assessments

Employing a range of psychological counselling / coaching approaches including:

  • Personality profiling
  • Positive psychology strengths-based coaching
  • Reliable tests of personal functioning and well-being
  • Cognitive and behavioural approaches and schema therapy
  • Comprehensive organisational diagnostics related to individual malfunctioning
  • Depression and anxiety assessment and support
  • Individual and team coaching for performance optimization

Support for victims of crime, including:

  • Fraud and financial scams
  • Assault and emotional trauma

Career development, including:

  • Attitudes and search strategies
  • Beliefs and occupational Interests
  • Interview preparation and CV reviews

Full Range Coaching for leadership development:

  • The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQPlus): 360 degree multi-rater feedback for individuals which benchmarks the optimal use of the full range of nine transactional and transformational leadership styles for influencing others.
  • The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire for Teams (MLQTeam): a companion instrument to the MLQPlus. It provides assessments predictive of outcomes for teams to rate their internal behavioural performance in terms of the internationally recognised and validated Full Range Leadership Theory.
  • The Organisation Description Questionnaire (ODQ):is a diagnostic tool for measuring team, departmental and organisational leadership culture for optimal organisational outcomes.