OEC Success Stories

Large Government Authorities

Australian Defense Force

OEC was engaged as part of a small team for the writing of some drafts of Leadership Doctrine.
OEC was also engaged to provide some of the first multi-rater feedback as part of Grade 1 Officer Training based on the validated Full Range Leadership Model.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

OEC was contracted to provide consulting and curriculum development services for the VCAA, especially in the conception, design and consultation processes for innovative impartial accredited courses in public pluralist education at senior levels.

Victorian Department of Human Services

The OEC Director served on the Institutional Human Research Ethics Committee for over seven years (1998-2005) providing expert ethical review of complex community, university, organisational and institutional projects.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

OEC provided coaching for a Senior Excecutive Service member to promote their leadership effectiveness as part of a client mediated optimisation program.