OEC Success Stories

Directors of Companies, Boards, and Not-for-Profit Organisations

A Manufacturing Company Owner and Board Member

OEC was engaged to work with a Director and Equity Owner of a National Manufacturing Company to successfully address a number of unsatisfactory outcomes arising from a merger between previous entities and changing environmental and market circumstances.

This Executive Coaching was personal and largely of necessity, covert in nature: it followed many aspects of the OEC Individual Level Leadership Development Model.

As is often appropriate in senior Executive Coaching, OEC facilitated more strategic thinking by the Executive, and utilised a broad range of coaching, consulting and resource assistance.

The outcome was that it was an important contributor to an acceptable demerger to enable all key stakeholders to move on with clear value-add to the client.

CEO of a large not-for-profit organisation

A CEO of a well-known not-for profit organization was referred by their doctor – because of recent symptoms of considerable anxiety which were disabling to their patient.

Within four consultation session OEC assisted the CEO to see that they were being placed in an untenable position by their Board. OEC assisted in the development of a range of strategies and reinforced the resources of the CEO to address this situation.

In this case the problem was not essentially ’the person’ but the corporate governance of the organisation itself! The competencies of organisational psychology (as practiced by our team) were necessary to avoid a misdiagnosis of this being merely a personal problem of the executive.

The result was the symptoms of severe and sometimes acute anxiety for the executive disappeared almost immediately during this OEC consultation process and the Board accepted the challenge to assume their responsibilities. This was all achieved through covert confidential OEC coaching and counseling.