OEC Team Publications

Select list of published books and articles by Ray Elliott

Tuohy, M., Elliott, R. Rule, P & Harper, S. (2012, November). Religion and Ethics in a Pluralist Society: VCE Religion and Society Units 1 and 2. Nelsons: Melbourne. 321pp in full colour supported by Nelson.Net e-book and a range of e-resources.

Elliott, R.H. (2011, March). Utilising evidence-based leadership theories in coaching for leadership development: Towards a comprehensive integrating conceptual framework. International Coaching Psychology Review, 6(1). 46-70.

Elliott, R.H. (2010, December). Religious belief, spirituality and coaching for leadership development in our emergent world. Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management, 4(1). 86-104.

Alder, J. and Elliott, R. (2008). ‘Establishing a community of interest: The founding of the APS Interest Group in Coaching Psychology 1998 – 2002’. Opening Address and history launch, National Conference of the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) Coaching Psychology Interest Group (Darling Harbour). APS Website

Elliott, R.H. (2005). ‘The Parameters of Specialist Professional Leadership Coaching.’ In Grant, A. M., Cavanagh, M., & Kemp, T. (Eds.). Evidence-based coaching: Contributions from the Behavioural Sciences (Vol. 1). Bowen Hills QLD: Australian Academic Press.

The Spirit of Leadership in Australia (2002). In The Heart and Soul of Leadership. Australian Institute of Management: Australian Institute of Management Series - McGraw Hill.

Elliott, R.H. (2002, August). Ethical leadership: Culturally circumscribed? Raffles Review. Vol. VII (2). Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: Journal of the Raffles Education Group.

Some national and international conference presentations by Ray Elliott

Elliott, R.H., Baldini, A. and Clancy, E. (2015, July). 'Overcoming depression and unemployment with I/O psychology: balancing endogenous conditions, job and career development with agency support limitations'. Professional Practice Forum, Industrial and Organisational Psychology National Conference, Melbourne.

Elliott, R.H. (2010a). Getting the balance right: Utilising psychometric assessment inputs and evidence based theories in the coaching 'reflective space' for leadership development. Symposium Presentation and Paper, International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne.

Elliott, R.H. (2010b). The MLQ transformational – transactional scale and cross-cultural assessment: A research-driven platform for global leadership development' in a Symposium / Practice Forum ‘Executive Assessments Across Cultures'. International Test Commission Biennial conference, Hong Kong.

Elliott, R.H. and Palermo, J. (2008). 'The practice of coaching for executive leadership development: A micro-level analysis'. Workshop, National Symposium of the Interest Group in Coaching Psychology of the Australian Psychological Society. Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Elliott, R. H. (2007a). 'Coaching for leadership development: The zone of professional practice’. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Sydney. Poster Presentation (Double blind peer reviewed).

Elliott, R. H. (2007b). 'Critique of Coaching and Leadership Research Literature from the Zone of Professional Practice'. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Sydney. Poster Presentation (Double blind peer reviewed).

Elliott, R.H. (2006, July). Beyond individualistic subjectivism in coaching: Exploring relationships between knowledge and practice. National symposium presentation, Interest Group on Coaching Psychology, Australian Psychological Society. Gold Coast, Queensland.

Select list of published books and articles by Peter Webb:

Back on Track: The Coaching Journey in Executive Career Derailment (2006), International Coaching Psychology Review, Vol.1 (2), November, 68-74.

Coaching for Wisdom: Enabling Wise Decisions (2008), in: D.B. Drake, K. Gørtz, & D. Brennan (Eds.) The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching (pp. 161-167), San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Inspirational Chaos: Executive Coaching and Tolerance of Complexity (2005), in: Cavanagh, M., Grant, A.M., and Kemp, T. (Eds.). Evidence Based Coaching (Volume 1): Contributions from the Behavioural Sciences (pp. 83-95), Bowen Hills, QLD: Australian Academic Press.

Select list of published books and articles by Paula Robinson

A Contemporary Coaching Theory to Integrate Work and Life in Changing Times. Oades, L.G , Caputi, P., Robinson, P., & Partridge, B. (in Press, 2006) Contributions from the Behavioural Sciences. Australian Academic Press

A Study of the Training & Development Needs of Local Government. LGA, Brisbane, Queensland, 2004

Formulation of a HRD plan for Malaysia. Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department, United National Development Fund, 2005

Select list of published books and articles by Dr Josephine Palermo

Indicators for effective partnerships: Measuring Deakin’s service to international, national and local communities, Butterworth, I., Palermo, J. Lang, W., & Umemoto, A (2008). Deakin University, Melbourne.

Evaluation of the Environments for Health framework, Victoria, Department of Human Services, Local Government Partnerships, Melbourne. de Leeuw, E., Garrard, J., Butterworth, I. Palermo, J. Goldberg, T., Tacticos, T. (2006).

The Key to Women’s Career Success, 20:20 Series Report, Palermo, J. (2004). Breaking the Cultural Mould: Melbourne: Hudson Global Resources & Human Capital Solutions.