OEC Professional Services

OEC Board and Management Committee Support

Achieving progress in the effective operation of boards and management committees of SMEs, family enterprises, and not-for-profits can be a daunting challenge. The membership of such bodies - when combined with multiple and sometimes diverse stakeholder interests - can lead to gridlock in responsible decision-making. Yet such bodies have, or should have, oversight of the whole enterprise.

OEC Associates specialise in applying established research-based predictive knowledge and skills training about:

  • Work role conflicts and role ambiguity;
  • Interpersonal issues;
  • Group dynamics and leadership;
  • Victimisation and scapegoating;
  • Confounding work-private domain interface matters;
  • Working with diverse competing stakeholder interests and motivations.

All of these services are targeted at creating an efficient, responsible, and productive management leadership group.

For more details on this valuable service please contact the OEC office.

“There is no substitute for experience, excellent leadership, and understanding how to harness the talents of a group of people. Body Corporate Landlords and their tenants have been the beneficiaries of Ray’s Chairmanship”

- Body Corporate Member